About Us

Perfect Alert and FlawlessConnect are both exclusively developed and owned by Intelligent Recording Limited. We are located in Nottingham, United Kingdom and Florence, MT USA.

Intelligent Recording are leading-edge designers and innovators of telecom products and services.

Starting from first-principals our founders have over 30 years designing & developing products in the UK. We manufacture under our own control and sell internationally including in the UK, USA, Australia, most of Europe and various other territories in Asia and Africa.

Intelligent Recording have been responsible for many ‘technology firsts’, some examples are:

  • 1990’s – Our Founder pioneered the first wave of Computer Telephony, i.e. the integration of computers with phone systems.
  • Early 2000’s – We developed globally unique sales tools that drive complex telecom digital protocols for some of the worlds biggest telecom companies.
  • 2008 to 2016 – We broke price performance barriers in delivering low-cost digital Call Recording with our USBCallRecord technology which achieved hundreds of thousands of installations.
  • 2017 – 2021 – We co-developed a complex Telematics & Emergency Services Asset Monitoring System with a major partner. This has been adopted within the UK National Health Service and at some major airports.


2021 – 2024 – Help Call Systems

More recently we have focussed on pioneering change within the Help Call/Emergency Call market developing:

  • Sentinel – A low cost super-high tech system for the elderly at Home using cloud based systems & Voip and;
  • Perfect Alert & Flawless Connect – Our integrated wristband for the elderly out & about using our iPBX Voip based backbone to solve some major problems with traditional GSM/GPS technology.


We use smart technologies that include Asterisk/Kamailio/Voice Over Ip/Zigbee Wireless Mesh/Bluetooth Low Energy/MQTT Messaging & Smart  Speaker/Voice Recognition tech.

These unique systems combine our long history of technical expertise and cost-effective design philosophy.

By choosing Intelligent Recording products whether directly or via one of our partners, you can be assured of the history, pedigree and expertise in our wholly owned developments.

We thank you for taking the time to read about Intelligent Recording, please feel free to contact us to understand more about why we are so unique and cost-effective.