Wristband £95.00 one-off | Service from £8.50/Month
30 day ‘No-Quibble’ Money Back Guarantee & Full 36 Month Warranty
Fast, Assured Emergency/Help Calls
With our fantastic & globally unique FlawlessConnectTM Technology!
SOS Button | Fall Detection | GPS Tracking | Family App
All Round 24/7 Total Protection
Peace Of Mind For You & Your Family
Works Anywhere - Home, Garden, Out & About
Keeping Family & Friends Informed
With Our Free Android & iOS Family Monitoring App
Helping You To Stay Active & Safe
Giving You The Confidence To Enjoy The Outdoors & Everyday Activities
Unrivalled Safety & Assurance Features, Unbeatable Pricing
Compare Our Features, Pricing & No-Quibble Guarantee!
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Full 30 day ‘No-Quibble’ return & refund if you’re not 100% happy!
(excludes shipping costs and any used subscription over 14 days)
Wristband & App

Works Anywhere
Call & Talk Direct
SOS Button
Fall Detection
GPS Tracking
Family App

Get A Free Watch Strap Of Your Choice Worth £19.99

When you subscribe to our FlawlessConnect Plus Annual Plan


Jean - Nottingham

My son and daughters asked me to wear this, it's very comforting to know I can reach them with a press of a button and it's comfortable to wear, I hardly notice I am wearing it now.

Paula - Brisbane Australia

Mum is back in the UK and the fact it can call me here & my brother in the UK is great. The info on the App is fantastic as well - Well done guys!

Paul - Southampton

This product has everything we wanted. The rapid calling of 3 of us at the same time is vital for Dad to reach someone within seconds. The health info is great too.

Emergency Senior Alert Safety Wristband

Staying Active & Safe

As we age it’s important to maintain an active lifestyle for physical and mental health. This means enjoying the home, garden and getting out and about as much as possible.It’s also important to be safe and secure knowing that if you need help (such as having a fall) you can get rapid assistance automatically or at the touch of a button wherever you are.Our Perfect Alert Wristband with FlawlessConnectTM technology provides you with the very best all-round Help Call service for the home, garden and anywhere you choose to travel.
Did you know?
Around 1 in 3 adults over 65 and half of people over 80 will have at least one fall a year!

Source UK NHS Web Site
Get Automatic Fall Protection

Top Features To Keep You Safe

Our unique Flawless Connect technology and safety features are unmatched

Call & Talk Via Wristband

No mobile needed. 4 Network Sim gives instant connectivity. & the best signal.

Automatic Fall Detection

Detects a fall automatically & makes an instant Help Call

Rapid Assured Connection

Instant 3 party calling - fastest call & response anywhere!

Free Family App

Keep loved ones informed & in contact at every moment.


100% Mobile

Works anywhere. At home in the garden & away from home..

GPS & Wifi Tracking

Family & emergency services know your exact location in case of a problem.

Heart icon

Health & Wellness Info.

Get Heart Rate, Blood O2%, Body Temp & Activity Level via the Family App

Extended Battery Life

4 to 7 days operation depending on chosen settings.

Special Introduction Price & Full 30 day ‘No-Quibble’ return & refund if you’re not 100% happy!

If you can find a better offer elsewhere simply return it!
Fast, Reliable SOS Calls, Free Family App, Health Info, Best Pricing Always, No Quibble Returns & Full 36 Month Warranty

About FlawlessConnect TM

When you need help, time is critical. The sooner help arrives the better the outcome.

FlawlessConnectTM is developed exclusively by us to provide rapid & assured Emergency/Help calls.

You will not find this anywhere else!

We use advanced Voip, iPBX technology and What3Words.

To learn more about FlawlessConnect Click Here


Stops Voic Mail Answer

We give 100% real-human connection every time - you're never left leaving a message.

What3Words Location

Tells Family & Emergency Services exactly where you are via the App & phone line.

Perfect Monitoring

Family will know battery status, worn status, activity level & much for your safety.

Triple Party Calling

Make 3 simultaneous calls and connect to the first to answer. The fastest way to call.


Scam Call Protection

You wont get any scam calls, we stop them dead with White List calling.

Emergency services

Rapid Emergency Services

Family can quickly bring in Emergency Services onto a multi-party call instantly!

24/7 Monitored Call Centre Option Coming Soon!

By late Summer 2023 every Perfect Alert Wristband will have two options on how it can be monitored. Today our Wristbands are Family & Freinds monitored but soon you will be able to upgrade to 24/7 monitoring from the Family and Friends plan.

Family & Friends – Our FlawlessConnectTM technology gets you rapidly connected to a member of your Family and Friends group. You simply enter your list of contacts when you register the Wristband. Your Family & Friends will get a notification they are part of your support group and will receive information on how to get the best out of the system including downloading the free Family & Friends App.

24/7 Monitoring (from late Summer 2023) – With busy lifestyles Family & Friends may not always answer a call as fast as you would like. Because of this we will have our 24/7 monitoring centres available to rapidly answer emergency/help calls and deal with the neces- sary actions according to your preferences. Simply select that option when you register your Wristband. Our monitoring centre staff are friendly and professionally trained to deal with a wide range of Emergency/help situations including bringing in Emergency services and contacting your loved ones.

Our Free Family & Friends App

It’s important to keep loved-ones informed that you are safe & well or if you have had an emergency. Our Free Family & Friends App is compatible with Android and Apple iOS and can be downloaded by any person you give permission to. They can see important information such as:

  • Your current exact location and recent travel history.
  • Your Wristband status including battery level, worn status, signal stregth & signal quality.
  • Any recent emergency events such as help calls or falls.
  • Notifications such as low battery or wristband removed.
  • If you have wandered out of a Perimeter Safe Zone.
  • Your health status such as 02%, Body Temp. & Heart Rate.
  • Your activity level and if you are sedentary.


To see a screen by screen detailed explanation of our Free App click here.

Full 30 day ‘No-Quibble’ return & refund if you’re not 100% happy!

If you can find a better offer elsewhere simply return it!

Fast, Reliable SOS Calls
Free Family App
Health Measurements
The Best Pricing
No Quibble Returns


Our Perfect Alert Promise

We’re totally committed to offering the very best in personal alarm safety, technology & pricing. That’s why we guarantee the best price, the strongest signal & the fastest call response with FlawlessConnect.

With every purchase of Perfect Alert, you receive our 30-day ‘No Quibble’ full refund guarantee –  find a comparable product for less or a better one at a similar price and we’ll accept a return for refund, no questions asked. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Plus, we’re so confident in our device that we include a full 36-month warranty for added peace of mind.

Knowledge Centre

Get 999 In Record Time

What3Words – Location, Location, Location!

Why 4 Network Sims Are Better Than One